Prime The Beast


Lyrics From The Beast


Cursed with the best of both worlds the good and the bad.

My Momma was a saint giving all that she had

Pops had a pocket full of stones What I am and I aint

So when it comes to this love well I can and I can’t

The greatest battle that I’m fighting is the one with myself

And Tim is losing to Prime as I’m chasing this wealth

Lately looking at a stranger, the man in the mirror

Having trouble with my past hope the future is clearer

I had too many mistakes and no time for more

To much shit to change but no time to grow.

Misunderstood from my birth. day I entered the earth

Hoping God understands and he knowing my worth

Took 3 and a half years for my college degree

Another 25 years and I might be free

Overlooked and underpaid, how that slave life be

And no matter where I go Miss Fanny Mae gone be


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