Prime The Beast


Lyrics From The Beast


Seems I’m paranoid so scared

Death is the only thang I fear don’t wanna end up dead

For I know in most I do I using my head

So when the breathe leave my body feel forever I’m dead

When I think of Gehena Im scared as hell

Rather rest in Sheol cause I like to tell

Premeditated sin myself and God I fail

At night I pray for freedom cause my mind is cell

Young black stubborn male so I’m stuck in my ways

Live my life as I live wonder who do I praise

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Prime The Beast

Born Timothy Wade Felder and raised in the country town of Prairie View, Texas a small town next to Houston, Texas. Growing up Prime spent every summer and most weekends in Houston, so he understands the pleasures of both the concrete, big city lights as well as the dirt roads and dark nights of the country. As a young Rap artist raised on the best of the dirty south old school R&B and blues and some of the greatest rap music ever heard, he brings real passion to his music and a certain sound that reaches out and grabs your attention. It’s different, it’s better, and it’s one of a kind. To put it simply, it’s PRIME.

Prime creates truthful music that speaks beyond a street façade to the honesty of the real man experience. Prime began his lyrical journey 2 years ago where he discovered his passion for sharing his truths as a struggling young black man bound for greatness.

Prime describes his own music as soul revealing and touching. “I write my raps as a way to think through the times, every song is a peep hole in journey through life.”  When asked about his first experience of recording his own music, Prime reflected on his time in a small Houston studio and responded, “When I am recording my music I can be completely honest and that feels amazing and real. I knew then I wanted to do this forever.” It’s Prime’s hope that his music will reach people everywhere.